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Russian School in Dubai

Programs for children aged 5 years and above

Russian language Program

  • The Russian language program is aimed at those who study full-time in English middle schools in Dubai who are determined to maintain their Russian language proficiency.
  • Additionally, our program is designed for online learners following Russian programs, aspiring to integrate face-to-face elements and foster socialisation

Classes are led by instructors who have teaching degrees from Moscow and are supported by a team of Algorithm methodologists.
How are groups formed?
Groups are formed by evaluating students' proficiency levels through an entrance exam, providing insights into their current skill levels. This approach allows students to advance through the course at a pace that aligns with their specific requirements.

Russian Literature

This course goes beyond just mastering the standard curriculum – it's designed to ignite your child's passion for reading and deepen their understanding of the subject.

While reading is a key component, we understand that not every child may be enthusiastic about it. That's perfectly okay! Enroll your child in our classes at the educational center, where our teachers approach each child with care and motivation.

Our classes are engaging, fostering interest and encouraging active participation in discussions about the material. Through group activities, children develop strong communication skills, learning to express and expand their viewpoints. We acknowledge that Russian literature can be challenging, so our program tailors the reading materials to suit each age group, ensuring comprehension and enjoyment.

English language Program

Explore our Beginner English Classes, where groups are thoughtfully structured to align with students' age groups.
The arrangement of these groups is carefully designed to cater specifically to the age of participants enrolled in our beginner English classes.

The program and assessment are based on Cambridge English and Jolly Phonics.

Our English teachers are certified professionals with international teaching credentials. They bring experience from renowned international schools in Russia, London, and Dubai to our classrooms.
Our teachers speak Russian and can help your child understand any unfamiliar topic. They will teach them how to ask questions correctly and choose a plan for independent work to catch up with their classmates.

Math Olympiad

Math classes for children aged 5-11 years old, conducted in a fun and interactive manner.

- Introduction to numbers up to a thousand
- Strengthening understanding of symbols and mathematical meanings
- Mastering basic mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
- Practical mathematics: playing and counting

To ensure accurate group placement, a free initial diagnostic must be completed.

Art Courses

Classes take place in a cheerful and enjoyable environment, where kids learn the fundamentals of crafts and make unique creations with their own hands.

An experienced teacher, Mustafa Kul, leads the classes, having devoted much of his career to teaching children. He uses a special method that fully involves kids and encourages their creative expression.

Learning Chess

Chess lessons for children provide a fun and educational activity, fostering the development of logical thinking, strategic thinking, memory, and attention.

Taught by Alexander Zubarev, a grandmaster with a maximum FIDE rating of 2608 and a champion of national and international tournaments ♟️.
With coaching experience since 2007, Alexander specialises in aiding chess players in enhancing their skills. His focus lies on technical aspects, mental preparation, and strategic thinking!


Program (age 5-7 years)
We play at every stage of our lessons: learning new topics, doing physical exercises, and solving problems on the platform. We learn the basics of mathematics, solve logic problems, and develop communication, teamwork, and agreement skills.

Program (age 8-11 years)
We guide students to grasp the logic of coding without using complex programming languages. Students go through the full cycle of developing creative projects for future use, from initial ideas and plans to teamwork and presentations.

Communication Skills

We concentrate on rhetoric, self-expression, speech levels, and incorporate various breathing techniques.
Our approach integrates acting lessons, eloquence training, and rhetoric.

Engaging classes assist students in reducing stress, gaining confidence, and improving eloquence.
Numerous creative tasks, sketches, and performances are recorded, ensuring an enjoyable and enriching learning experience that will benefit them in various aspects of life.


School is out and on a short break! We have the answer to keep your child active and engaged during this time. Our mid term camp is geared for children to make friends, learn new skills and experience new activities.

16.10.23 - 20.10.23
11.12.23 - 29.12.23
12.02.24 - 16.02.24
25.03.24 - 5.04.24
12.09.24 - 30.09.24
Book a trial lesson
During the initial session we assess the student’s current level, they meet their teachers and get acquainted with school routine. Based on the first class we’ll be able to offer an appropriate course

Our team

  • Alla Dovgusha

    Academic qualifications: educator, psychologist and neuropsychologist

    Education: Graduated from

    Saint Petersburg State university and has upgraded her qualifications a lot of times. A fluent English speaker.

    Work experience: Has been working in the best Moscow kindergartens and schools for 15 years. Has prepared children for entering top schools in Moscow.

    "As a teacher, I don’t just pass knowledge to children, I accompany them in the educational process. I’m inspired by difficult cases we have to overcome together with students. I try to help children to grasp the meaning of something on their own, because this way of knowledge acquisition is more interesting and productive".

  • Anna Leonova

    Academic qualifications: English teacher, linquist

    Education: Moscow State Pedagogical university, Cambridge AE CELT, CLIL

    Work experience: Has worked in the best Moscow international kindergartens and schools.

    "Having worked with children of different group-ages, I’ve come to a conclusion that young learners motivate me the best. Thanks to them, I constantly enhance my teaching skills. I can use all my creativity, various techniques and approaches and, moreover, create something unbelievable while exploring new educational horizons with them".

  • Nadia Shafi

    Academic qualifications: English language teaching

    Education: University of East London, CELTA, advanced training at Cambridge

    Work experience: since 2016 in schools in Dubai and London, at the University of London.

    Nadiya has many years of experience working with children as a coach and mentor, and has successfully prepared and adapted several dozen children to international schools.

  • Anna Veretennikova

    Academic qualifications: educator and psychologist

    Education: Herzen University

    Work experience: Has worked in kindergartens and schools in Saint Petersburg, along with camps in Russia and abroad.

    "Working with children is my vocation. I’m totally into humanistic psychology and individual approach, creativity and freedom of children’s self-expression. I plant seeds of knowledge and new skills with care and love, because I’m sure that under good conditions they will grow into plants and bring some harvest".


Adress: Dubai, Knowledge Village, block 2B, office G20
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Work time:
Monday - Saturday
from 9.00 to 18.00

Phone number: +971 52 654 2959
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  • Dubai, Knowledge Village, block 2B, office G20
+971 52 654 2959
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