Training Center "Algorithm"
Terms and Conditions

1. Payment, cancellation and postponement of classes

1.1 The price is set per 1 hour. 1 lesson can last 1 or several hours, according to the schedule. The price for an individual class is set per 1 hour. The actual prices can be provided by the administration on request.

1.2 The registration fee is included in the price. Study books are to be paid extra.

1.3 Admission to the group is possible after an interview and an assessment if there is a place in a group of the appropriate level and age after the first payment.

1.4 All classes are paid in advance before the start of the course. Payment is made for the agreed on period proportionate to the amount of hours of the selected courses according to the schedule. The minimum amount of hours to pay is 10.

1.5 Payment for the next period should be made no later than 10 days before its start.

1.6 Payment for days missed for any reason is non-refundable and non-transferable to other hours, days or courses.
In case of illness payment for the missed class may be saved for the future class, only if the document from the doctor is provided.

1.7 Families with two or more children receive a 5% discount for the second and further child.

1.8 If payment is not made on time, the Algorithm Educational Center reserves the right to terminate the provision of services and reserve the place in the group for a child from the waiting list.

1.9 Algorithm Training Center reserves the right to replace a teacher, cancel and / or reschedule classes if there are reasons beyond the control of the organization, such as the teacher’s illness, weather conditions or others. In the case of the lesson cancellation, the payment is not refundable, but will be taken into account when paying for the next period.

1.10 Individual lessons can be canceled or rescheduled by the parent no later than 2 working days before their start. In the absence of a 24-hour warning, the lessons are considered completed and payment will be made in full.

1.11 Payments are accepted in cash. All payments are accepted in AED.

1.12 The Algorithm reserves the right to change the schedule. In this case the parent will be informed at least two weeks before the entry into force of these changes.

2. Registration procedure

2.1 You need to apply for a diagnostic session on our website, and fill in all the requested information. By leaving a request on our website, you agree to receive calls from us, messages via instant messengers, e-mail, and in the future to receive information about our products and services.

2.2 After filling in the form on website our employee will contact you and set a convenient time for a face-to-face acquaintance and a diagnostic session.

2.3 After confirming the registration for the diagnostic session, you will receive a registration form from the Algorithm training center. Representatives of the administration may ask you for documents to verify the documents, their validity, and the validity of the stamp on arrival in the UAE.

2.4 Payment for the services means full acceptance of the Terms. The conditions can be reviewed by the Algorithm training center, of which the Parent will be notified at least two weeks before entering into force of the new edition.

2.5 Parents inform about their intention to extend classes for the next month at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the next month, confirming their intention with an advance payment.

3. Schedule of the training center "Algorithm"

3.1 The training center "Algorithm" works according to the established schedule. The current timetable can be checked with the administration of the center.

3.2 To find out about work during summer break, holidays and vacations, contact the administration of the center.

4. General rules for visiting the Algorithm training center.

4.1 Only parents or adults who have reached the age of 18 can bring and pick up a child. Information on them has to be transferred to the administration of the center in advance.

4.2 Parents should wait for their child at the reception area or outside the office. Parents are not allowed to attend classes.

4.3 Talking on a mobile phone is not allowed in the center, if you need to talk, you can do it in the lobby.

4.4 Using mobile phones by children is not allowed in the center. Children leave mobile phones at the reception area before the start of classes and pick them up after the end of classes. If you need to contact your child during the lesson urgently, this can be done through the administration of the center.

4.5 If children violate the rules of conduct in the center, educational work is carried out with them. If the children continue to break the rules, the situation is brought up for discussion with the parents. In case of a systematic violation of the rules of conduct, the Algorithm training center reserves the right to terminate the provision of services.

4.6 The children should have: a signed bottle of water, a signed lunchbox with a snack (if the program is more than 2 hours long), a hoodie or sweater (if it gets cool due to air conditioning system), wet wipes, textbooks, notebooks, pens and everything one needs for the educational process (a detailed list will be sent to you by the teacher). Stuff for creative classes, printouts and other items are provided by the center. IMPORTANT: it is not allowed to bring chewing gum, soft drinks, and unhealthy fast food to the center. All food must be neatly packaged. It is not allowed to bring nuts or food containing nuts.

4.7 Children with signs of illness (fever, cough, severe runny nose) are not allowed to attend classes. In case of deterioration of the child’s health during classes, representatives of the training center "Algorithm" will contact you and ask you to pick up the child. The child in this case will be isolated from other children and wait for you in another room.

4.8 If a child misses a group lesson for any reason, we ask you to notify us in advance. Please note that the Algorithm training center is responsible for the results of the programs only if at least 85% of the classes are attended. In the case of more than 15% absenteeism, we cannot be held responsible for the results.

4.9 We ask you to bring the child on time, 5 minutes before the start of classes according to the schedule. In case of being late for more than 15 minutes from the start time of the lesson: — if the lesson lasts 1 hour, it will be impossible to join it; - if the lesson is longer than 1 hour, you will need to wait for a break outside the territory of the training center together with your child. It will be possible to join the lesson during the break between two classes.

4.10 We ask you to pick up your child no later than 5 minutes after the end of the class. Starting from the 6th minute you will be fined 100 AED for every 15 minutes of being late. In case of more than 2 delays per month or the formation of arrears in payment of fines, the Algorithm training center reserves the right to terminate the provision of services.

4.11 Children over 9 years old can leave the center on their own, with written permission from their parents.

5. Communication with teachers and administration of the Algorithm training center

5.1 Each group has its own Telegram channel, where once a week we post photos and interesting things about the week, news, messages about holidays and events, and other information.

5.2 In order to discuss general issues with the teacher, it is necessary to set up a meeting (via zoom or face-to-face) with the teacher of the group.

5.3 For all organizational issues, we ask you to contact the administration of the training center "Algorithm" by phone 971 52 654 2959. We answer calls and messages from 9.00 to 19.00 from Monday to Saturday and from 10.00 to 15.00 on Sunday. It may take some time to reply incoming messages.

6. Photo and video shooting

6.1 By agreeing to the Terms, you also give your consent to the photo and video shooting of the child in our center and the further use of photos and videos for posting on the Telegram channel and other social networks, as well as for the production of promotional products. If you want to opt out of this item, please write a free-form written application and submit it to the administration.

7. Use of the library and other property of the Algorithm training center

7.1 There is a library in the Algorithm training center. Children can choose interesting books and take them home for the fixed period after filling in the form. In case of violation of the return deadline, a fine of 20 AED will be charged for each day of delay.

7.2 The training center "Algorithm" provides didactic and play materials for classes. In case of intentional damage of the materials, furniture, walls, etc., by a child, we will invite the family and the child to discuss and decide on the replacement / repair of the damaged. The Center reserves the right to issue an invoice for damaged property.

8. Final provisions

8.1 Any controversy or complaint that may arise shall be governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

8.2 Algorithm training center LTD is registered in the United Arab Emirates, licensed by KHDA (license number 631 003).

8.3 Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to leave applications on the website, bring children to the Algorithm training center and pick up children from the center.
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